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Dirk Thomas

avatarDirk Thomas is Managing Director of Summit View Partners. He has 20 years of experience in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region developing markets and businesses. He held senior executive positions in IBM and Hitachi prior to founding Summit View, and is recognized by governments for his contributions to global economic developments. He was a Torch Bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, named a Friend of China by Premier Wen Jiabo. Dirk holds a Master’s degree in engineering and business from Stanford University, and an MBA and B.Sc. in Engineering from Santa Clara University.


Steve Prior

avatarSteve Prior is the owner and CEO of Tutamen Hk Ltd. After graduating University of Cape Town in Finance in 1992, he became certified in South Africa as an accountant, and worked for KPMG in South Africa, Canada and the U.S.. Steve primarily worked in the packaging industry before starting his own business, opening manufacturing plants for OEM businesses in U.S., Mexico, and China. Presently, Tutamen is positioned as a low-cost component manufacturer for metal forming, turning and injecting plastic. He applies a unique style of management, quality assurance and customer service, as well as offers a broad range of expertise in high- quality outsourcing and supply chain management.


Mike Wong

avatarMike Wong is the Managing Director of EcoPal International. He is a Singaporean national and has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of South Eastern Asian Investment market starting from Citibank for 8 years and other banks in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He speaks several Chinese, Thai, and Malay dialects. Presently, EcoPal is involved with manufacturing rights in green energy, recycled products, and various types of high-end industrial products made in South East Asia. EcoPal currently has offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia and Australia.


Punnen Thomas

avatarPunnen Thomas is the CEO of RhinoSkin Studios, a high-end graphics studio in the Greater Toronto Area focused on 3D rendering, 3D animation and 3D printing. After completing both a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Architecture, Punnen provided a range of 3D visualization work for land developers, interior designers and film producers who needed to test concepts, attract investors, and build rapid prototypes. Punnen prides himself on providing excellent customer experience and guiding clients step by step through the design visualization process.



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