Process Improvement

We offer Business Process Improvement (BPI) as an à la carte service, which is designed to simplify manufacturing from end-to-end and to help your vendors streamline their internal processes for everything from quality control to assembly to tooling.

The results are improved lead times, better quality products, and higher yields, as well as more productive relationships with vendors that are critical to your supply chain.

Identify Root Causes Using Six Sigma

We employ Six Sigma, a rigorous, data-driven methodology for eliminating variability in manufacturing and operations. Using statistical analysis, Six Sigma is a powerful way to identify, measure, and control root causes, as well as to create sustained improvement.

Who Needs Process Improvement?

Process Improvement is a compelling service for vendors that you consider long-term partners for your business. You may be satisfied with their service, yet there may be sporadic or consistent problems, such as long lead times or quality control issues.

Once the vendor agrees to work with RediSource, we will assess the problem in 1 – 2 days and develop a report to all parties detailing what the problem is and how to correct it. We then continue work with the vendor to implement and refine the solution.


Factory and Social Audits

RediSource Process Improvement consulting services can also ensure that your supplier, factory, and/or vendor can successfully pass mandatory audits conducted by independent firms, such as SGS, Intertek, and Bureau Veritas:

Factory Audit

We address relevant ISO standards, such as the series of Quality Management ISO 9001:2008.

Social Audit

We ensure that vendors are compliant with social accountability standards and labor laws, including operating in an ethical and responsible manner, treating employees with respect and dignity, providing fair compensation, and maintaining sanitary working and living conditions.