Sample Management

Manufacturing normally entails inspecting and evaluating components and/or product samples from multiple suppliers and vendors across Asia. With RediSource, we provide Sample Management as an optional service to streamline the sampling process and to save you money and time on bulk shipping back to the U.S. or Europe.

Sample Management includes inspecting all of your samples in-house, consolidating them, and then shipping them to you and/or the supplier. We can also test samples, provide Quality Assurance reports, make required corrections, and request new samples, as needed.

Who Can Benefit from Sample Management

Sample Management is ideal for sourcing promotional items that have small margins and demand quick turnarounds. This service is also geared to more technical projects that have unique product specifications, offering an efficient way to test many critical samples against an explicit set of criteria to zero in on the best option.

As with all of our RediSource services, Sample Management is integrated seamlessly into our RediLink™ interface and Export Logistics services.