Lean vs. Six Sigma – Which is more relevant to manufacturing today?

Six Sigma

In the intensely competitive manufacturing world, absolute production reliability and optimum resource utilization are crucial. Lean and six-sigma are the two most successful approaches for improving process reliability and efficiency. However, the debate on which approach is more relevant to manufacturing in the 21st century rages on. So which of the two methodologies should a […]

Going Lean – A Panacea for Global Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Translated literally, the phrase ‘lean mean fighting machine’ implies doing away with excesses and being single-minded in one’s objectives. For most businesses, that singular objective is improving profitability. However, continued economic uncertainties, stymied global demand accompanied with heightened levels of competition, customers that are more discerning, stiffer environmental regulations and rising input costs have put […]

Dell Makes A Bold Move to Privatize

PC Market's Shrinking Revenues

In an expected but remarkable turn of events, Standard & Poor (S&P) lowered its corporate credit rating of Dell from BBB to BB-, rendering the investment status of the world’s third-largest computer maker to junk. The rating downgrade comes on the heels of a successful bid for a $25 billion leveraged buyout (LBO) by Dell […]

Contracts in China: VIE’s Take a Hit

VIEs Take a HIt - What's in Store for Foreign Investment Now?

China’s economic growth has been compared to a locomotive charging down the tracks at top speed. But in October 2012 the Chinese Supreme Court issued a ruling that has the potential to slow the engine down. In a 16-page judgment, the court ruled that the Variable Interest Entity (VIE) – contractual agreements intended to circumvent […]

China’s Gargantuan Online Bazaar: Alibaba

Alibaba: The World's Largest E-Commerce Platform

Founded in 1999, the Alibaba Group boasts the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses: Alibaba.com. Founder Ma Yun, commonly known as Jack Ma, created an English-language portal that would connect Chinese manufacturers to overseas buyers and suppliers. Based in Hangzhou, China, Alibaba.com reports on its site that as of the end of […]

What to Know When Contracting with Factories in China

Key Guidelines for Contracting with Factories in China

Whether you are a sole proprietor or large company, doing business in China requires contracts to cover all your bases and then some, and crafting the paperwork isn’t always easy. Here are some key guidelines and online resources that can make the difference between success and falling prey to the common practice of lying and […]

Smart Watches Take the Stage

Pebble Smart Watches

Just as the world is taking its breath, digesting the leanest and fastest in smart phone technology, a brand-new wonder appears: Smart watches. These are not a gag gift or fad because the heavies like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are gearing up to compete, and tech retail giant Best Buy is now offering the new […]

Drones Set to Target Agriculture

Wave UAV - Volt Aerial Robotics

Even though drones are making headlines for targeting and killing suspected terrorists overseas, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) reports that 90% of drones in the United States will be used for public safety and agricultural purposes. AUVSI also predicts that drones will stimulate $82 billion in economic activity and create up to […]

China Drives Down Global PV Demand by 23%

PV Panel in China

With over 400 photovoltaic (PV) companies, China is a ‘powerhouse’ when it comes to solar energy. According to recent findings from NPD’s Solarbuzz, factors like China’s policy incentive deadlines and seasonality are responsible for decreasing the global PV demand to 6.2 gigawatts (GW) or by 23% in the first quarter of 2013.  China, which accounts […]

New Risk Assessment for Global Supply Chains

REI assess risk of major disruptions like earthquakes and tsunamis

Supply chains are the backbone of global economies. As a result, governments and businesses hedge against major disruptions or operational risks that impact the supply chain, such as natural calamities affecting suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. According to Supply Management, 90% of companies fail to apply an effective risk management plan prior to outsourcing.  Most organizations […]