Going Lean – A Panacea for Global Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Translated literally, the phrase ‘lean mean fighting machine’ implies doing away with excesses and being single-minded in one’s objectives. For most businesses, that singular objective is improving profitability. However, continued economic uncertainties, stymied global demand accompanied with heightened levels of competition, customers that are more discerning, stiffer environmental regulations and rising input costs have put […]

Drones Set to Target Agriculture

Wave UAV - Volt Aerial Robotics

Even though drones are making headlines for targeting and killing suspected terrorists overseas, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) reports that 90% of drones in the United States will be used for public safety and agricultural purposes. AUVSI also predicts that drones will stimulate $82 billion in economic activity and create up to […]

New Risk Assessment for Global Supply Chains

REI assess risk of major disruptions like earthquakes and tsunamis

Supply chains are the backbone of global economies. As a result, governments and businesses hedge against major disruptions or operational risks that impact the supply chain, such as natural calamities affecting suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. According to Supply Management, 90% of companies fail to apply an effective risk management plan prior to outsourcing.  Most organizations […]