CNC Programming

CNCIn keeping with global trends, there is a growing need for companies to outsource CNC programming to Asia in order to cut costs. In addition to the RediMethod OEM/ODM consulting services, we have expertise in creating a CNC programming solution designed to save you money and streamline the production process.

CAM/CAD Programming

CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing (or Machining). CAM software automates the process of programming instructions for machine tools. There are other programming methods, such as manual programming (G-code) or conversational programming, each of which has different applications and pros/cons.

With CAM system programming, data from Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, such as AutoCad or Pro Engineer, is simply imported into CAM software. The user can then view a visual representation of the product from a PC and customize features and specify machining parameters using a menu-based interface. The CAM system then generates a CNC program that is loaded onto a CNC machine and run.

Currently RediSource uses MasterCam software (X4 – X6) as its CAD/CAM platform of choice for most of its CNC (and G-code) programming, but we can also use other popular CAM software, such as Pro-Engineer, PowerStation Pro, and RouterCIM.


Prototype Fulfillment Solution

More and more, companies are outsourcing not only the CNC programming, but also the prototype samples. If this is your business objective, RediSource can isolate CNC machines for your specific purposes and produce prototype samples while working with your engineering team to hit your specification targets and/or profile improvements. We have experience with the following machine types:

    • Lathes for turning work pieces
    • Mills for cutting flat surfaces, edges, and slots, as well as for drilling and tapping holes
    • Routers for cutting sheet materials
    • Lasers for cutting sheet materials


Mass Production Verification

If you are creating a new production cell for your manufacturing project, RediSource can assist you in acquiring equipment for your specific needs at a fraction of the cost you would most likely pay in Europe or the U.S. We can assist in the design of the cell and machine procurement, as well as ensure the machines are pre-programmed and certified to your needs, and then shipped to the cell location.