Intellectual Property Restriction (IPR)

We understand your need to protect the time, effort, and capital of your patented designs and other confidential information. Sometimes it can be daunting to know whom to trust. We have the experience and know-how to protect your investments.

Safeguarding Your Product and Brand

Intellectual Property Restriction (IPR) in manufacturing describes methods for safeguarding and protecting your brand or product from efforts to illegally duplicate them. It is well-documented that Asia has relaxed guidelines regarding IPR, and in most cases, legal action is difficult and expensive to undertake particularly for small- to medium-sized businesses. Whereas, large multinational corporations have the resources to protect intellectual property by tracking and monitoring counterfeit operations; They also have the authority to stop pirated products from being shipped overseas.


Common Pitfalls

Commonly, when you share a product design with a factory in Asia, they will require that you sign an exclusive rights contract or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Factory personnel may also give you personal assurances that IPR will be adhered to and urge you to trust them. However, these contracts are difficult to enforce and often within two months’ time, you may encounter multiple counterfeits of your products in the marketplace.

Asia has the skills, experience and cost advantage to reverse engineer a product based on either a sample and/or a photo of a sample. It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to make an exact or lesser quality copy of your product and beat you to market using your designs.


Prevention is the Best Policy

Working with Vendors
RediSource will work closely with you to protect your intellectual property by minimizing the number of vendors that have knowledge of your product designs. More importantly, we make certain that no one has access to the complete design blueprint. When specifying and ordering components, RediSource will provide guidance on providing only pertinent information to vendors.

Secure Assembly
We can also help you identify a secure assembly house to assemble the end product. In some cases, it may be beneficial for both IPR and production costs to develop components in Asia and assemble the final product in the U.S. RediSource can help determine if this is the right course of action, as well as manage the process and assure that it is a ‘masked’ operation.

Sharing Samples
Sharing samples at trade shows and other events can also jeopardize IPR and the life cycle of your product.  RediSource will advise you step-by-step on how to avoid these types of potential risks.


IPR Integrated with RediMethod Services

Our IPR support and counsel are fully integrated with both the RediMethod specialized design and engineering services for OEM/ODM and our Operational Consulting Services to protect your supply chain. If legal action for IPR is necessary, we can also provide support to your legal team.