Who We Are

RediSource is a U.S. owned and operated supply chain management solutions company.

We provide specialized consulting and support for small- to medium-sized businesses who need a consistent and reliable presence in Asia in order to keep operating costs low and avoid the hassles of establishing an office in the region.

Services for OEM and ODM

We offer a range of consulting services for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), including assisting clients streamline their procurement cycles, overseeing quality assurance, and facilitating the outsourcing of required components and products.

RediSource operates in China and the surrounding region from our headquarters in Shenzhen, China. We have affiliate offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Ningbo, and YiWu, as well as in Bangkok, Thailand.


Who Can RediSource Help?

Our customizable consulting services are geared to assist a variety of companies:RediSource - Types of companies and business models that we help

  • Global importers who are challenged to consistently deliver high-quality products at high volume despite cut-throat margins and fierce competition
  • Manufacturers who want the price advantage of outsourcing component, molding charges, and/or CNC programming
  • Global brands who want to expand their product lines without needing to increase development costs
  • Design houses who want to focus on what they do best – developing new and unique products – without the encumbrance of long product development cycles
  • Incubator/Start-Ups who need support with their supply chain as they are focus on bringing new products to bring to market


Our Mission Statement

It is the RediSource mission to provide a platform for small- to medium-sized global importing customers to strengthen and streamline manufacturing operations in China by:

RediSource Mission Statement





Consistent, Reliable Support

At RediSource, we know the best way to help your business grow is to offer consistent and reliable support, as well as to forge trustworthy supplier-customer relationships. What separates us from the competition is our dedication to lowering the costs of your supply chain and simplifying the often confusing process of procurement in Asia.


Industry Experience & RediLink™

With over 10 years of industry experience, we have developed RediLink™, a software interface that simplifies the procurement process, monitors and guides every step of production, and ensures successful outcomes.