Electronic-ManufacturingNeed to OEM or ODM your product? No problem, we walk you through setting up the infrastructure for product design and manufacturing from start to finish.

We are equipped to handle any type of products or OEM items that your company is interested in producing or manufacturing. We work within almost every industry group and sector. Our entire range of products can be private labeled and/ or customized based on your request, and we will ensure that your products will be of the highest quality and fulfill all your required safety standards.


We will ensure the quality and functionality of your consumer electronics. Rest assured that our products are customizable to your specifications and that our suppliers have been certified with proper CE, FCC, UL and RoHS compliance.


Green Energy

Today’s Green Energy market is ever evolving, with new government laws and regulations continuing to add benefits to developers and consumers to use Energy Efficient products, these products will are becoming more common place in our daily lives for years to come.

Redisource has created strategic alliances with local Asian suppliers for many products such as PV Solar Panels, solar powered water heaters, and inverter systems.



We specialize in all types of Products from Wound & Skin care, Exam Gloves, CDS, Durable medical equipment, as well as many other hospital and healthcare related items.