Supply Chain Management

Supply-Chain-Management-AssistanceOur RediMethod Operational Consulting Services ensure that there are no surprises in the critical nodes of your supply chain, whether it’s vendor selection, order fulfillment, logistics or legal support.

What is a Supply Chain?

The supply chain for a manufacturing company consists of the worldwide vendors, suppliers and factories involved, directly or indirectly, in producing, handling, and distributing raw materials, components and/or products. The supply chain also includes the transporters, warehouses, retailers, and the customers themselves.

RediSource Offices and AffiliatesYour supply chain may include producing an item across multiple countries, which is referred to as a ‘global supply chain.’ For example, it may be more cost-effective to prototype a product in China, conduct a low-volume production run in Thailand, and then complete mass production in the U.S.

Additionally, a supply chain encompasses the functions involved in receiving and fulfilling a customer request, such as new product development, marketing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service.


Supply Chain Management in Asia: 3 Key Scenarios To Avoid

Too often in Asia there is no transparency as to the type of vendor relationship that exists when you contract with specific vendors who you rely on for your supply chain.

With RediMethod, you can prevent these three common scenarios that businesses may encounter which can lead to long lead times, unforeseen costs, lack of quality control and innumerable headaches in the administrative process.

1. Unnecessary trading companies in your supply chain

Trading companies don’t always have control over lead times and product quality, and may not have direct access to the factory producing the product. Also, trading companies often don’t have good working relationships with the factory.

2. The factory is sub-contracting your manufacturing project

Similar to number 1, if you are not aware that the factory is sub-contracting your project, this will often result in long lead times and a lack of control over the quality of the final product.

3.  The factory is hiding their source(s) for key components

As a result, you often pay higher costs to meet the specification requirements on components. Also, if the factory locks you into a limited number of suppliers, you may experience long lead times for critical parts.


How We Can Secure Your Supply Chain

With RediMethod, we oversee the diverse set of operational and administrative aspects of your supply chain. We can assist you in these important areas:

Project Feasibility Analysis

    • Determine if outsourcing in Asia is right for your project
    • Understand your outsourcing options so you can determine the best approach for your business
    • Receive expert guidance for pricing, technical, certification, and material targets

Vendor Selection

    • Identify suppliers that match your product needs and price targets
    • Qualify suppliers using our robust RediMethod screening process

Facilitating Vendor Relationships

    • Negotiate make-or-break price points with suppliers
    • Develop purchaser and supplier agreements
    • Facilitate order placements with suppliers

Order Fulfillment

    • Handle all critical communications and language translations
    • Implement RediInspect quality control

Logistics & Legal Support

    • Expedite supplier, freight, duty, insurance, and broker requirements
    • Manage localized legal patent and trademark protection
    • Facilitate dispute resolution